Small Farmhouse Ideas 9.5 x 12.5 Meter with 3 Bedroom

Small Farmhouse Ideas 9.5 x 12.5 Meter with 3 Bedroom --  Many people wish to own a farmhouse. The design is simple, and the size is also appropriate for family living at home. This house's design is interesting, with a varied phase Model. There is a terrace that gives the house a frame effect. Check out this inspiration for more information:

Facade design


The farmhouse appears bright and open due to its distinctive facade. Glass door and window elements make this a more modern option. The elongated facade model also includes a very comfortable terrace area for relaxing outside. The clean white exterior adds a touch of luxury and freshness to a more natural home.

 Interior design

The living room is the first room in the house where a visitor will feel at ease. Minimalist elements combined with natural furniture colors create a modern look. The space's increasingly warm appearance as the farmhouse's main room is supported by neat and bright details.

 Bedroom ideas

The interior of the farmhouse bedroom is quite modern, with a ceiling, chandelier, and additional furniture to make it more complete. Wide windows will maximize incoming light, keeping the room free of stuffy air.

Kitchen ideas

The kitchen is located near the living room. The main material in this L-shaped kitchen is a wooden countertop. Modern kitchen design is combined directly between the dining room, making it more functional and space saving. Keep it light because it tends to be neutral and will be a lot of fun.

Floor plan

This house has a fairly complete plan, including an outdoor area such as a terrace. The living room is in the front area, followed by the kitchen and dining room, and there are three bedrooms and one bathroom. Detail the size as seen in the image above.

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