Tiny House Design 3x6 Meter, Neat and Homey

Tiny House Design 3x6 Meter, Neat and Homey 

Homlovely.com -- The tiny 3x6 meter land can be used as a comfortable small residence. A 1-storey house with 1 bedroom can be a halfway house option or can be used as an investment for rent. "Small House Design 3x6 meters, Neat and Homey" here is not only comfortable, but also eye-catching design!

Facade Design

Facade Design

Houses that look attractive with wood raw materials, bring its own nostalgic impression that makes us so comfortable and at home. The facade design itself looks simple and classic, with a sloping roof, making this house quite affordable to own. The small size of one floor with several windows will make the atmosphere in the house is not crowded, because the air can circulate well.

Open Space

Open Space Area

With a width of only 3 meters, of course this house really needs to use the concept of open space. The living room, dining room, and kitchen to laundry are made open without partitions, also to make mobility more comfortable.


Wood Interior

Then in line with the exterior of the house that we have seen before, the interior also appears to use strong and solid wood. Selection of furniture with a minimalist design, assisted with maximum arrangement that utilizes each side and corner, making the room more functional and neat. Not only that, the warm look also brings a comfortable impression even in a house as small as this.

Floor Plan

Floor Plan

With a limited land size of 3 x 6 meters, in fact this house can maximize the land. This house is a 1-storey house with enough facilities to live alone or alone with a partner. In addition to the main facilities mentioned earlier, there are 1 bedroom, and 1 bathroom. The design is very compact and fit to be used as a rental home or studio.

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Author : Rieka

Editor : Munawaroh

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