Small House Design with 2 Bedroom | 6.5 x 8 Meters


Small House Design with 2 Bedroom | 6.5 x 8 Meters -- A tiny house will inspire those of you looking for home design ideas that look modern but are small in size. The detail is brief and does not necessitate a large budget. After all, the current design of the house is attractive and comfortable as a residential house, regardless of the size of the land. Below is the complete design for Small House Design with 2 Bedroom | 6.5 x 8 Meters.

Facade design

This house's facade design has an appealing exterior appearance; the combination of earth nuances with modern concepts adds to the house's charm. Because of its small size, this house is also equipped with complex glass door and window elements as a support for the house. There is a terrace with a relaxing area for more enjoyable outdoor activities.

Terrace ideas

This house has an outdoor area in the front that is elongated in size. The terrace is very appealing and ideal for outdoor leisure activities. You can furnish a modern terrace with furniture.

Design of the roof

Turning to the top, the roof facade on this house appears neat and simple. Saddle models for core buildings use ideal slopes, and a flat roof terrace made of cement or gallvalume cast material can be an easy way to combine the exterior of a more modern house.

Interior design open plan

The room in this house has an open plan concept, which is convenient for the owner. The interior appears warm, with neat details ranging from the furniture selection to the layout management. This room appears to be open to the outside because the glass window provides a bright impression without the use of lights.

Specifications for the floor plan

With a balanced size, this 6.5 x 8 meter house has spaces such as a terrace, living room, dining room, kitchen / laundry room, 2 bedrooms, and 1 toilet and bathroom. Size specifics as seen.

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