52 Sqm Small House Design with Pleasant Exterior

Homlovely.com -- The minimalist style with a touch of a bungalow is indeed beautiful and feels soothing to anyone who sees it. No wonder this design is in great demand and is applied when building houses. Do you also like the design of this bungalow house? For design ideas that you can use as inspiration when building a house, check 52 Sqm Small House Design with Pleasant Exterior.




House facade design

The first part that will be seen from a house is its exterior, namely the facade which is the face of a house. An attractive appearance will make anyone have a good impression of the house. For this one design, apart from using a typical bungalow house model, the application of natural colors makes the atmosphere feel warm and harmonious.

Roof design

For the roof design, this is a style that is commonly used in houses with bungalow designs. The roof model with 2 inclined planes that have different heights is an attractive element on the facade of the house but still maintains the minimalist style you want to display. Darker colors will be very suitable to balance the light colors on the exterior walls of the house.

Floor plan design

Then, let's look at the detailed floor plan of this house first. There are several rooms that look comfortable and complete in a total area of 8x6.5 meters. In the front area, there is a living room and several other rooms such as the dining area and kitchen. In addition, there is also a bedroom and bathroom. See more details on the pictures.

Interior design

With the size of the house that is not too big, the open plan concept is very suitable to be applied so that the interior feels wider. In this area there is a living room, dining room and kitchen which are made without a partition and have a matching interior color. In order to save space, the owner can also place the television and shelves vertically on the wall.

Bedroom design

While this is an example of a bedroom design that is owned by this house. The room as a whole has the same color tone as the others. The ceiling up model is one of the details that gives an elegant and warm look to the room. For the last detail that cannot be left out of the bedroom is the presence of a window which is very important for the health and comfort of the owner. 

Author     : Hafidza
Editor      : Munawaroh
Source    : B-art Design

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