Bahay Kubo - Simple House Design in Low Budget - Besides building in simple and minimalist, Bahay Kubo, or can say with small house doesn't need much budget. Combining with natural elements it will make the house feel relaxed and closer to nature. So, let's find out more about Simple House Design in Low Budget below. Check it out!

Modern bahay kubo

First design, there is a modern Bahay Kubo house design. A chic design with a half-sloping roof on both sides. Moreover, the presence of natural materials such as rattan as a finishing on the exterior gives the impression of a natural residence. Decorate around the house by making beautiful pathways and also grow some ornamental plants and flowers to make the air feel fresher.

Farmhouse design

Next, there is a Bahay Kubo design in the style of a farmhouse. The house, which was built elongated to the back, wears a gable roof as a protector of the building. The minimalist design also has several windows on each side to provide smooth air circulation.

Simple house design

The simple but comfortable design is suitable for defining this third image idea. The combination of a half-sloping roof and a flat roof makes the design look contemporary. Especially with woven bamboo or rattan that decorates the terrace making the appearance of a beautiful house and suitable for photo spots.

Flat roof home design

Last, the design of this Bahay kubo house with a flat roof looks modern and suitable for young people. The simple design with stairs makes the house appear higher than the surrounding environment. Not only that, the balcony divider that extends from the front to the side of this house is made of glass material, giving the illusion of a clean design.

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