Bungalow House Design With Japandi Style Ideas 117Sqm

Bungalow House Design With Japandi Style Ideas 117Sqm
Homlovely.com -- The Japanese minimalist muji style mixed with the sweet Nordic or Scandinavian style, makes this house look charming. A beautiful look with a cozy impression is very interesting to be used as inspiration. Let's check out this following "Bungalow House Design With Japandi Style Ideas 117Sqm".

Front View of The House

Front View

It looks minimalist and clean. This house has a design similar to a bungalow house which has a spacious terrace design with greenery all around. A fusion of the japan-scandinavian style, this house uses white and brown colors that will make a warm and homey impression. The facade has a beautiful combination of wooden lattices. Large windows with glass and wooden frames look vintage.


Left-side View of The House


The left side of the house also looks charming. There is a glass exit door with a unique frame. The beautiful arches on the door match perfectly with the round windows of the Japanese house. While at the back of the house we can see there is a small balcony connected to one of the bedrooms. There is ventilation in the form of a lattice too, very unique and chic!

Right-side of The House

Right-side of The House

This is a view of the right side of the house as well as the back. From here we can see the balcony more clearly. It looks luxurious and elegant with the use of glass to the top. Aesthetic. Then on the right side of the house we can see 4 windows. With many glass windows, of course the inside of the house will feel brighter and cooler.



Cozy Bedroom Interior


Not only on the exterior, the interior of this house is also charming with the japandi style used. Japandi style prioritizes a minimalist yet functional look, even using multifunctional furniture. The room has a bright and fresh atmosphere thanks to the many glass windows and the high ceiling design. Equipped with a large bed and amenities such as a side table, wall-mounted TV and cabinet, it's super cozy!

Floor Plan

Floor Plan

This japandi style bungalow house has a size of 117 sqm. It has a beautiful yet super cozy design. The room arrangement is also perfect with complete facilities. There is a terrace, spacious living room, kitchen and dining area, 3 bedrooms, and 2 bathrooms. There is even a small balcony and laundry room. Simple and cool. 

Then to build this house will cost approximately 1.5-1.6 Billion Baht. But this is only an estimated cost, prices may vary depending on the region.



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Author    : Rieka

Editor    : Munawaroh

Source    : MB Design House

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