9 x 5 M Small House Design with Simply Amazing Interior

Homlovely.com -- This 9 x 5 meter house has a simple but attractive design. It gives a charming farmhouse vibe in a bright and fresh bluish color. Featuring an open front porch perfect for sitting back while doing some simple gardening. This is a two-bedroom house suitable for small families or the elderly who want to enjoy life in peace and comfort.

This is a 9 x 5 M Small House Design with Simply Amazing Interior.

Welcoming front elevation

Avn Studio - House Design

The front elevation of the house has an open concept. The wide front porch looks wide without any partition to block it. This front porch exudes a friendly vibe and is ready to welcome anyone nicely. The porch is so comfortable, with bistro sets, outdoor chairs, and a swing.

House finishing in soothing colors

Want a peaceful and relaxing home? You can try this exterior combination. The wood-plank style wall appear cozy in a bluish-gray color, which blends well with the wooden furniture and bright blue roof. Adding natural colors from the surrounding greenery keeps the house from feeling dry and desolate.

Simply gorgeous living room

Avn Studio - House Design

Even with a simple layout, the living room has an attractive look. A blue sofa with a coffee table is placed nicely. The sofa's back will also act as a visual divider between the living and dining areas. White with a few blue-gray accent creates a calm and elegant atmosphere to anyone.

Dining and kitchen design ideas

Combining the kitchen and dining room maximize efficiency. You can easily to serve food at the dinner table. 

Even within the same room, the kitchen and dining area are clearly separated. There is a gap between the two areas. The dining area also has unique pendant lamps that serves as an aesthetic statement between the two areas.

Laundry ideas

This house has a laundry area that is separate from the bathroom. It has a small but adequate space for a sink and a washing machine. The laundry room has a window that let in natural light.

The bedroom one design

Avn Studio - House Design

This bedroom is so well designed. The center walls have a mix of natural stone finishes that give it a natural farmhouse vibe. It may be small in size, but installing wide windows and interior in white shades will give the illusion of a clean and spacious room.

The second bedroom ideas

The second bedroom has a more modern vibe. This can be used as a master bedroom for larger size. Not much decor has been put here, but a center wall in contrasting white and deep green is enough to give character and style to this second bedroom.

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Source Avn Studio - House Design

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