7 Plant Stand Ideas For Indoor Decoration


Homlovely.com - Plants in the house certainly require media such as pots and stands so it does not take up much space. You can use various types of materials and models that match the theme and design of your home. Not infrequently this stand becomes one of the mandatory home decoration ornaments. This stand is used for placing pots with beautiful variations. You can see this plant stand idea hopefully can inspire.

Natural Plant Stand


The natural design you can also customize with pots and plant stands used. You can choose standing plants with varying heights so that they look different which gives a beautiful impression. For the pot itself you can choose a wicker pot so that it is suitable if combined with the wooden walls of your home.

Unique Plant Stand

west elm

Unique standing plants can give an interesting impression in the House. You can use plant stands with different designs and have metallic iron material that also gives a luxurious impression. For more on points you can use pots with neutral shapes and colors.

Simple Plant Stand 


For those of you who like the impression of simple but elegant then the plant stands on can be an option. You can use a plant stand with many pot holders provided so that it does not take up much space and is more practical. You can put it next to the living room so that it will add a beautiful impression.

Modern Plant Stand


Modern impression in the show from the plant stands on. The choice of gold color and combined with a pot with a simple design and neutral colors make it look more luxurious. You can put it in the corner of the room or along the hallway of the House. To be neater you can choose plants such as aglonema, snake plant, aloe vera, etc. 

Pink Plant Stand


Pastel pink color you can also choose to use as a plant stand. This pink impression does not give a tacky impression but can actually present a luxurious and elegant impression. You can also adjust the selection of pots with plant stands that are used so that they look beautiful and attractive.

Classic Plant Stand 

storehouse home decor

Classic colors in the house you can also present through the selected plant stand. You can choose standing plants of sufficient height and combined with pots of golden color. For classic style colors are not always displayed with something old-fashioned but can also be given a modern touch.

 Elegant Plant Stand 


Plant stand with an elegant and also beautiful design you can see in the picture above. Plant stand with a unique shape and given a touch of black doff makes it look more elegant and luxurious. You can also use cement pots with bone white.

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