7 Cutest Mini Garden Ideas For Desk


Homlovely.com - A desk is a room used to do work or perform production activities. so this room must be made comfortable and well-organized. Comfort in the living room is very important. For that there is nothing wrong if you make a mini garden around your work desk. Green plants will make your work desk fresher and cooler and will certainly increase comfort and productivity in working or carrying out activities at the work desk. 

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You can utilize the wall area of the work desk to put plants. You can simply make a shelf with natural wood material without paint or polish so that it looks more natural. To make it look more unique you can use two-color wall paint so that it looks more beautiful. 


You can work around a narrow work table by using natural colors and minimalist designs. You can simply use a table set with a simple design but looks modern. You can put green plants in small pots so it doesn't take up much space. 

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A comfortable work desk is indeed the main goal expected by its owner. A work desk with a warm design can be an option for you. A warm and natural impression will certainly add to the feeling of peace and coolness. For that, don't hesitate to put some green plants in your desk area. 

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A corner of the house close to a window is often an effective place to create a cozy workspace. You can create a proper workspace to fill the corner of an unused room. You can use the empty wall area as a mini garden by putting some green plants.


A work desk with a simple and practical design like the one above can be a solution for those of you who get bored quickly with the same work atmosphere. A work desk that is integrated between the table and the storage area as above is indeed designed to easily move places so that it is easier and more appropriate to imitate. You can also put vines or hanging plants in your desk area. 

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