7 Best Houseplant That Can Absorb CO2 Effectively


Homlovely.com - For those of you who have a place to live in the city area, it will certainly be prone to air pollutants. The number of activities that make the air in the house unhealthy. Many times you will definitely be disturbed by the unhealthy air. For that it would be nice if you put some plants that are able to become an antidote or absorb unhealthy air. what is this plant, here's an explanation.



Snake Plant


Snake plant is one of the plants that can absorb unhealthy and pollutant-free air in the house. This plant is very easy to maintain. This plant has a very high growth resistance so it is suitable to be placed in the house. 

ZZ Plant 


Zz plant makes a great indoor plant. Apart from its unique shape, this plant is also resistant to drought so it does not require difficult maintenance. You can use soil planting media by watering about every 3 days.

Rubber Plant


Rubber plant is a powerful and potent air purifier. This plant, which has large leaves, is the main spear to attract air contaminants. You can place this plant in the bedroom or living room. The maintenance of this plant is also quite easy because it does not require much light and you only need to clean the leaves from dust. 

Prayer Plant


This plant is native to the tropical regions of America. This plant is called a prayer plant because during the day the leaves will open but at night the leaves will roll up. This plant can grow with little sunlight so you can put it indoors. 

Pothos Plant


Pothos is a type of plant that creeps. You can place this plant in a bottom pot or hanging pot. Pothos plant is able to purify the air, remove / absorb benzene in the house. This plant has a relatively easy maintenance. 



There are many types and colors of succulent plants. You can plant these succulent plants because they are easy to maintain and require little sunlight. This succulent plant can help in cleaning the air and maintaining air humidity in the room. 

Jade Plant 


Jade plant is a plant that originated in South Africa. This plant is almost similar to a succulent but this jade plant has green, thick and full leaves. This plant is suitable for you to place indoors because it can absorb air and bring good luck in the house.


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