Hanging Plants: The Best Hanging Houseplants

 Homlovely.com - Hanging plants at garden or home can save space. And it can make you easy to care to hang plants. Look these Hanging Plants: The Best Hanging Houseplants. Just check it out!



Schlumbergera or known with Christmas cactus is pretty houseplant that can improve your home decoration. You can hang the pot of Schlumbergera for efficient. Like their name, the flower over at the Christmas period. They also can grow with attached to trees.



Aeschynanthus or mostly known with lipstick plant is tropical evergreen perennial that often grown as houseplant. They have waxy, glossy, green foliage, cascading, and vine-like habit. You can grow them at hanging pot or basket at your indoor area. It can make efficient.

Money plant


Easy to care, money plant can grow in hanging basket. This houseplant is the most interesting that effective in attracting wealth and enhancing good luck.

Hoya retusa


Hoya retusa is the houseplant that native quite a few countries in Asia. They are known with the gorgeous wax like flowers. The leaf look like sticky and it's really thin with a slightly wider, flat tip. Grow climbing, you can hang this houseplant at your indoor.

Tradescantia nanouk


Tradescantia nanouk or Fantasy Venice is a beautiful houseplant that has colorful and attractive leaves. They have pretty bright green, pink, and purple, fuzz-ish leaves growing on chunky stems. This houseplant can grow well in bright, indirect sunlight or full sun.

Philodendron brasil


Philodendron Brasil is the houseplant that easy to care. You also can grow this plant with hanging near windowsill or ceiling. They have dark green, heart shaped leaves with splashes of variegation in shades of lime green.

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