7 Easy and Simple Ideas To Decor Window Sill


Homlovely.com - Many elements can be used to decorate a room. One of them plants, you can present a plant in the room. In addition to decorating the room plants can also provide a fresh and soothing feel. You can put plants in various corners of the room, on the table, or in the window. The usually empty window sill can be used as a strategic place to put plants. This is because the window sill that is rarely used will make your home look unique. Here is an easy and simple idea that you can imitate for you.

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You can take advantage of the window sill by adding a glass shelf as a place to put small pots neatly stacked. You can use succulent type plants with different types of shapes and flowers. Utilization of this window sill certainly has many advantages, one of which is to save space and does not take up much space. 

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You can use the damp dishwasher Area as a place to put plants on the window sill. In addition to making it easier for you to water, you will also be exposed to sunlight more often because of the easy window access.

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In addition to using the arrangement in neat stacking you can also put the plant with a hanging system. You can use a long wood and a pot that is given a long white rope as a tool to hang the pot. The use of pots with lightweight materials is highly recommended so that it will minimize the risk of rupture.


The corner of the adjacent room between the window and the wall is usually a safe area to put plants. You can hang plants with various types of heights so that it looks more unique and tasty in view. You can choose the type of plant that is suitable to be placed in the room.

a beautiful mess

Using pots with metal material in gold paint does make your home look more luxurious and elegant. The corner Area of the room that is close to the wall and window like the picture above can be a solution for those of you who do not have many places to put things. You can hang the plant and do watering about 1 Week so that the plant continues to grow lush and beautiful.


An empty window sill is indeed a strategic location for placing plants. You can use a shelf with wood material that is deliberately not paint back to show a natural impression on your home. You can choose the type of plant that is suitable for placing in the room.

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If you have a window that is full of glass from top to bottom like a window in an apartment, then don't worry you can still bring plants in the House. You can make a stand where you can put the pots next to the window attached to the wall. So it looks more simple and does not take up much space.

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