7 Ways Plant Design Idea To Equip Your Interior

 Homlovely.com - Enhance your indoor with plants that can bring attractive and relax atmosphere. No need more space, you can use some tricks for decorating your indoor with plants. Look at these 7 Ways Plant Design Idea To Equip Your Interior. Check it out!

1. Hang Herb at Sink Area


Herbs can bring more benefit if you grow it yourself at home. You can put the herb at kitchen area or balcony if you live in apartment with narrow house. Other way, you can hang them on the wall with enough light to help grow well. Like near sink area that has good humidity and light from outside.

2. Plants at Hang Rack at TV Room


Empty area at your TV room can use to place plants. Install hang rack on the wall at the side of hang TV. Then, put potted plants at this rack for tidy and interest design. You also can put vines that arrange with nicely to bring fresh atmosphere.

3. Bring Up Tidy with Plants at Tier Rack


Avoid messy accent from your potted plants at indoor. Put them at a rack that you get at store or create by yourself. And put them at right spot like at living room or other that can bring fresh area.

4. Put Your Large Plants at Corner


If you are busy people and doesn't need such a troublesome thing, you can use simple ways to decorate your indoor. Mini potted plants with a large number must need more attention to arrange them. 

You can put large plants with large and curated pot at your home. Then, put them at corner area or other space for beautiful design and decoration.

5. Vertical Garden for Saving Space


Empty wall, use it to hang your plants. You can make railing or just hang the potted plants on your wall area. Make the pot use unique or similar pattern and hues for stunning looks. Then, you can grow vines and arrange them in this vertical garden at indoor area.

6. Beautiful Plants at Windowsill


Plants in similar pots make perfect and stunning looks. Then, put them in enough light, such near the windowsill area. You can put them with nice arrangement that bring pretty ambience.

7. Growing Plants in Water Media


Besides growing in soil media, you can grow the indoor plant in water media. Select transparent container or jars for the pot of your indoor plant. Then, put them in right spot that help to growing well.

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