7 Ideas For Spaces That Would Make House Much Easier To Live In

 Homlovely.com - Arranging the house is indeed a lot of energy draining. And you always see space area that make confuse like, 'What can I do with this space?'. Nah, you can see these 7 Ideas For Spaces That Would Make House Much Easier To Live In. Just check it out!

Waiting Room


Space area located near entrance door or other room can utilize for useful area. Like use it for waiting room or makeup check for the example. 

You can put measured bench or chairs for seating. Then, you can hang the large or vertical mirror on the wall that can use to reflect your dress or makeup.

Small Office


Another idea for space at home can create office room. No need more size, you can make the office room separate with minimalist barrier or sliding door. It can save more space at your home area. Decorate this office room into beautiful and comfy area.

Reading Spot


Building a reading spot can improve the functional space at your home. You can put bookcase with measured around this space. 

Put plants that can bring fresh and natural atmosphere. Besides chairs and tables, you can replace the furniture with rug and sit on the floor that can make spacious design at this spot.

Laundry Near the Garden


Space area at your backyard can use for laundry with garden view. This small backyard can use transparent roof that can protect from rainy and bad weather. Use white for the hues at this area for clean and bigger look. 

Fire Pit Area


Space area at home, not always in large size. You can make decorate the space area at living room with put some vertical garden or rack for the example. The decoration of space area can improve your home ambience. 

Empty area at living room side can use to create fire pit with plants above it. It can bring warm and soothing accent for your living room area.

Mini Dining Room


Using open concept at small house can bring spacious and bigger look. Like the living room that not install barrier with the next room area to reduce narrow accent. But, the space area between living room and next room make monotonous design. 

And here, you can put measured dining table with cute and pretty design. You also can put potted plants for fresh and make good air quality around.

Prayer Room


Other idea to design your space at home is use for create prayer room. No need large size for this room design. You can minimize the furniture that help the prayer room has clever design and decoration. Just make sure this place stays clean and comfort to pray.

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