7 Great Ways To Decorate TV Room With Plants


Homlovely.com - Decorating a TV room using plants can be an option for you. In addition to being able to decorate the room, plants can also clean the room air. Plants can make the House fresher and cooler. Decorating a TV room using plants is not difficult and complicated you can put it in the corner of the room, hang on it or put it on a wall shelf. For more details you can see the idea below

TV Room Merges With Dining Room

tua casa

Maximizing the room in the house can indeed be a solution for those of you who have a small size House. One of them is by making a TV room that blends in with the dining room. The dining room with a simple concept but looks modern is presented by using a chair set. You add plants to the corner of the room by hanging it so that it looks more beautiful.

TV Room With Full Decoration

eman taha

TV room by using a lot of decoration into a more beautiful look. You can use the wall area as a beautiful decoration. You can use stacking shelves that you can apply a variety of unique ornaments such as flower vases, wall clocks, photos, vines, etc. For the corner of the room so as not to look empty you can put a big plant.

Small TV Room


Small TV room you can maximize its function by using a TV attached to the wall. You can use a comfortable sofa and also a soft fur carpet in a cute color. On the side of the room you can use as decoration by adding wall decor and hanging green plants.

Gray TV Room


TV room by using the dominance of gray can make the look more elegant. The appearance of this TV room looks wider by using a simple white TV rack but looks charming. You can put the plant in the corner of the room or on top so it looks fresh. White and black carpet motifs can also add a more beautiful atmosphere.

Minimalist TV Room

locilei bortot

The minimalist TV room is presented by using the dominance of white against. The white TV room is presented on the curtains, tv shelves and even the sofa used. In order to make the tray more spacious this space curtains extended to the floor. In some rooms you can add plants such as zz plant, snake plant, pothos, etc.

Pink TV Room

d'rossi interiores

A bright TV room can be one of the ideas that you can apply at home. Pretty pink dominance decoration makes the look more charming. You can use a pink sofa and also a carpet with a matching color. Do not forget some green plants can be placed hanging or in the corner of the room.

Modern TV Room

tua casa

A comfortable TV room becomes the main goal. This you can create by making a room with a variety of modern decorations. Seen in the picture above the TV room using white shelves combined with a comfortable brown sofa. In addition, next to the room there is a table that is used to brew coffee, tea etc.so that it will add warmth when gathering with family.

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