8 Ideas for a Resort-style Farmhouse, Cozy and Inviting



8 Ideas for a Resort-style Farmhouse, Cozy and Inviting

Homlovely.com -- Farmhouse is an interior design style that incorporates a calm, rural atmosphere into the home that blends with nature. This style is ideal for those who enjoy the warm atmosphere of the countryside. Farmhouse can be combined with other design styles, such as resort. 

Get inspired by these "8 Ideas for a Resort-style Farmhouse, Cozy and Inviting" for your dream home. The look of brown wood and natural green shades dominates this resort-style farmhouse. Furthermore, this style works well with items in warm colors. Are you interested? Let's check this out!

Design of a Room with Large Windows



When we go on vacation and stay in a rustic-style inn, we sometimes get a room with a large window design. This room usually has an interesting view. You can apply this concept to your room. Make a large window with a wooden frame, as shown in the image above. It would be preferable if you had a balcony in front of your room; you can make the balcony beautiful and cool by adding green plants. 

Staircase with a Minimalist Design



You can use this design if you want to build a two-story house. The stairs, as seen in the image above, are designed with a minimalist concept, with wooden steps and black-painted iron handles. This brown and black color scheme is very elegant. 

Terrace with a View



The house's front porch should not be overlooked. This part of the house must also be given adequate attention because the terrace is the part of the house that gives visitors their first impression. The terrace can also be designed in a warm resort-style theme. Use wood chairs and tables, then add soft cushions in complementary colors. As an example, consider the image above. 

A comfortable place to relax



If you have an unused vacant lot, you can turn it into a relaxing spot for friends or family. To create a natural impression, transform the space into an outdoor space dominated by wood. This location can also be used for a small party with your loved ones. 

Living Room in a Rustic Style



The next idea is to use a rustic theme to make your living room feel more cozy. This concept, which is dominated by white and brown wood colors, can be implemented in the interior design of a room. This concept can also convey a cozy and homey feeling, similar to grandma's house in the village. Visitors will undoubtedly form a favorable first impression. 

Dining Room with a Difference



You can try the following design if you like unique things that are typical of the rustic concept. The dining room in the image above is one-of-a-kind. Starting with the table and chairs, which are made of shiny polished wood. You can achieve a natural rustic look by using a table and chair set with this design. 




The next step is to design the bathroom. You can use rocks such as pebbles or coral for your bathroom floor to achieve a natural, rustic look. You can also add green plants that can grow in this area, as not all plants can grow well in the bathroom due to the humid conditions. 

Garden with a Minimalist Style


You can also create a minimalist garden design with natural rustic elements. For your plant collection, use concrete flower beds. You can also add concrete and wood seating. The use of concrete is intended to make your minimalist garden appear neat. This type of concept is commonly used to create a dry garden, which is ideal for those who live in a minimalist home.

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