7 Small House Details that Have Modern and Stunning Interiors

Homlovely.com -- Owning a house doesn't have to be super big. With the right design and decoration, even a small house can be transformed into a more impressive one that can even compete with other large houses. Let's design and decorate your home more amazingly with the following inspiration. Check out 7 Small House Details that Have Modern and Stunning Interiors.

House facade idea

This house has a facade with a distinctive minimalist style. The use of flat roofs on the house and carport makes a simpler and cleaner impression for small house designs. Not only that, the stationary window design also gives a modern touch that makes this small house look more stylish.

Living room and dining room

Using an open plan concept, this room combines the living room and dining room while remaining cozy. The use of minimalist furniture can make the arrangement look neater. The chandelier in the dining room area also adds aesthetic value to the room as a whole.

Small kitchen

No matter the size, this small kitchen still looks amazing and has a strong character. The use of soft ash colors gives it a calmer and more charming feel. This kitchen also has a smart wall cabinet that is not only functional but also decorative.

Clean bathroom

The bathroom of this house is equally impressive. The choice of white color with marble patterns can give a more stylish look and make the room still feel spacious. The glass partition in this bathroom makes each area more focused but does not make the room feel stuffy. You can try bathroom design ideas like this for the small space you have.

Elegant and luxury look

This bedroom has a minimalist design that looks elegant and luxurious. The use of lighting in several areas is one of the things that makes the room feel more beautiful. In addition, this bathroom also has a small courtyard that is a facility.

Soaking stock tanks

This area is integrated with the soaking area which is perfect for couples. With warmly lit walls, quality time with your partner feels more intimate. For the design details, the use of wooden decking makes for a cleaner look and easier maintenance.




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