Small Prefab House Combines Nordic Simplicity With Warm Woodwork


Small Prefab House Combines Nordic Simplicity With Warm Woodwork -- With today's technology, prefab or prefabricated houses are one of the building options. The advantage of this prefabricated house is that the construction process is quick because it uses factory-supplied modules or assemblies in the form of modular panels. The factory produced the floor, roof, walls, and other components such as doors and windows. As a result, it is both practical and modern.

Despite the fact that it is modular, you can design a prefab house with various concepts just like a regular house. With this "Small Prefab House Combines Nordic Simplicity With Warm Woodwork" you can get the feel of a European-style Scandinavian house.



The most important aspect of building a dream home is the design of the home's facade. Because the facade of the house is the outermost part of the house that appears first and can give other people who visit our home the first impression. You can try the above style because this Nordic concept prioritizes a simple impression.



The living room in this house is minimalist and Nordic in design. Because this house does not have a lot of space, the living room and the lounge are combined. Use a wooden accent sofa in a neutral color like gray. For your belongings, you should also use a multifunctional storage cabinet. To create a more modern feel, doors and windows have large frames.



Except for the bedroom and bathroom, this house also employs the open space concept, with no dividers or barriers between rooms. One of the highlights of this home is the vinyl flooring with wood motifs. Because this is a Nordic or Scandinavian home design, the majority of the furniture is made of wood.



The bedroom appears to be very spacious as well, with a dominant white color and a touch of comfortable wooden flooring. Under the bed, you can add storage drawers or cabinets for extra space. The windows are also designed in a round shape, similar to the oriental style.


The design of the bathroom remains consistent with the rest of the room. Because this bathroom is small, you should use white colors to create the illusion of a larger space. You should mix and match items such as silver and black shower and shelves to avoid monotony.


The image above depicts a 2d floor plan of this house. Complete with a variety of room sizes. Finally, this house has one bedroom and one separate bathroom. The living room, dining room, and kitchen are then combined with the open space concept.


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