7 Beautiful Big House Plant For Corners Of Your Home


Homlovely.com - Plants in the house are necessary. Green plants placed in the house can give a fresh and cool impression. In today's era the existence of plants at home is a trend that is done by many people. Plants can be an additional decoration that can add a beautiful impression. Usually this plant can be placed in an empty place and does not interfere with the activities of the owner of the House. For that there is nothing wrong if you add a plant in the corner of your house. If you are confused for the size so as not to take up much space then you can choose one plant with a large size so that more on points. So here's a beautiful big house plant for corners of your home. 

1. Fiddle Lead Fig

Leon & George

an elegant plant with wide stiff leaves in The Shape of a violin but does not easily fall off even though the leaves are old and yellowed. So it is suitable to be placed in the main house in the corner of your room. This plant likes light, so choose a corner of the house that is bright by sunlight throughout the day, but make sure not exposed to direct sunlight because it can damage the leaves.

2. ZZ Plant 

The Joy Of Plant

Plants that are suitable to be placed in the next corner of the room are zz plant. The plant has green leaves with a slight taper at the ends of the leaves. Because it can grow large, this plant is suitable if placed in the house, especially the corner of the room.

3. Calathea Lutea

Damsel in dior

Calathea Lutea has a leaf shape resembling a banana, with a wide oval leaf shape and a long stalk. At the base of the leaves there are strokes so that the leaves look solid and silvery at the bottom.

Calathea lutea leaves are able to change their shape in the morning and evening. In the morning the Leaf Blade tends to be flat and flat while at night The Shape of the Leaf shrinks like folded in half.

4. Rubber Plant 

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Rubber plant is a plant that can grow indoors or with low light intensity. The leaves are glossy and large in size, the size of a palm or more. So this plant is suitable if placed in the corner of your home. You can water it every 2 times in a week.

5. Palm 


This palm is a plant that has a large size so it is suitable if placed in the corner of the room. You can choose a pot of the appropriate size and minimalist design. You can prune regularly so that the plant remains beautiful and well-groomed.

6. Monstera

Bay on a budget

Monstera becomes one of the large plants that are suitable for the corner of your room. This Monstera has unique, large leaves and strong stems so it can be a complementary decoration for your home. You can put it on stand so it looks beautiful.

7. Cactus 

paula brandao

Cactus is a plant that is resistant to heat and easy to care for. You can put a cactus with a large size in the corner of the room. With the use of white color pots make the look more minimalist and beautiful. You can add white rocks that will add an interesting impression.

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