6 DIY Pocket Planters For Urban Homes and Garden


Homlovely.com - To put indoor or outdoor plants do not always use a pot or jar. You can use bags made by yourself so that it is more economical and beautiful. You can use various types of fabrics that are not used then sew it yourself so that the results are more satisfied and of course beautiful because it suits what you want. For pots using bags you can hang or put under according to the availability of space. For more details you can see the idea 6 DIY Pocket Planters For Urban Homes and Garden below.

Simple Pocket 


Minimalist pocket design makes the look more beautiful. You can use a bag with a thick cloth then you can sew it to form a pot that matches the size of the plant to be planted. You can use plants with a medium size so beautiful if placed in a urban home. 

Wood Pocket 


You can also take advantage of unused wood. Simply select the wood then cut the size of 15 cm as much as 30 pieces after that the parallel arrangement of the wood. Once it feels right then you can glue it to make it stronger. You can also color the wood to make it more beautiful and charming. You can put it in the house or in the garden.

Black Pocket


For those of you who like an industrial impression, this plant pocket is suitable if you apply it. This black fabric pocket looks elegant with its simple design. You can shape the fabric in a shape that tapers slightly upwards. Cactus plants are suitable for this bag because of the combination of colors that make it more charming.

Writings Pocket 


The above inscription pocket is no less beautiful than the previous one. The sac of this plant has an inscription so that it is more unique. You can freely create various writings that you like. Snake plants become more beautiful using such sacs.

Hanging Pocket


In addition to being able to be placed below, the planting pocket can also be hung. You can simply make it from fabric then sew a square shape after that on the right and left you can sew a rope that will later be used as a hanger. You can put a beautiful plant and then hang it in the place you want such as the living room, terrace or bathroom.

Minimalist Pocket


Pockets with a minimalist design as in the picture are also interesting if you apply it to a urban home. Pocket made of Brown sacks is enough you form a square then fill it using soil planting media and then put the plants you like. Do not forget to give a hole at the bottom when making the pocket as air circulation so it is not easy to die.

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