7 Small House Garden Ideas Compact


7 Small House Garden Ideas Compact

Homlovely.com -- A small garden in a small home requires us to be extra creative at times. In contrast to a large garden, a compact garden must make the most of the available space in order to accommodate a diverse range of plants. "7 Small House Garden Ideas Compact" can serve as inspiration for those of you who want to have a compact garden in your minimalist home.



 Lovely Dry Garden Ideas



The first concept is to design a minimalist dry garden. This garden is ideal for those who want to have a low-maintenance garden. Make a concrete garden chair and fill the floor with natural stones like gravel or coral to keep it dry. Then, plant low-maintenance plants like cacti.



 Vines in a Minimalist Side Garden


In addition to the front porch area of the house, we can transform the side area of the house, which is typically unused, into a beautiful minimalist garden. With additional sets of wooden chairs and tables, you can create a relaxing area. Then, as shown in the image above, you can add some flower beds and vines.



Compact Garden Vertical Flower Bed



You can also turn the unused outer wall of your house into a lovely garden. Using the vertical garden concept, you can plant your plant collection on the wall or create a hanging pot on the wall. Your living space will be cooler and more beautiful.



Using an Old Bucket as a Flower Bed



Do you have any unused items, such as buckets or bottles? Instead of throwing them away and adding to the waste, recycle them. These discarded materials can be used to create a lovely flower bed. Look at the reference image above; even though it contains used items, it's still lovely, right?



Wooden Compact Garden Minimalist Concept


You can create a compact garden with a cozy lounging area in an empty, unused area of your home. For a more natural feel, use wooden flooring. You can also make wooden garden chairs to match the natural feel, and your plant collection should be green and full of colorful flowers.



Tower Garden Bed Ideas



Aside from the vertical garden concept, you can also create a tower garden concept, as shown in the image above. In addition to saving space, you can personalize the garden area. In this limited space, you can still plant your favorite flower collection. Isn't it intriguing and very creative?



Minimalist Zen Garden Concept



If you want to try something different and oriental-inspired, this is the concept for you. The Japanese theme pervades this zen garden concept. Zen gardens are typically defined by the placement of natural stones, fish ponds and running water, and green plants. It is also appropriate if you add bonsai plants.

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