Feng Shui Tips for Your Garden

 Homlovely.com - Garden is always able to make a house look more attractive and cool. Yet, having a garden means that you have to really understand on how to maintain it. There are a lot of things to consider when you deal with your garden, including the Feng Shui of garden.

With the right Feng Shui, you can get peace and quality aspects in your life. The following are five important points to create a good garden Feng Shui:


The first thing you need to consider in Feng Shui your garden is about what things you should involve. The things here do not only refer to ‘things’, since you are also allowed to involve living creatures such as butterflies and birds. To make your garden suitable for those creatures to live, you can consider choosing plants and flowers which attract the birds or butterflies.


The next thing is about how you place some furniture in your garden. Keep in mind that the furniture does not have to be expensive. The most important thing is actually the position of the outdoor furniture. You can put a piece of furniture a the left corner of the garden. It is related to the garden Feng Shui, which is to provide fertility and also richness for the plants. You can also put a fountain, especially in the middle of the garden.


You can consider involving colors like dark violet. It is also a good idea to put Lily in the garden. This is a really good way t attract butterflies to beautify your garden.


To obtain a good Feng Shui for your garden, provide red, pink, and also white flowers in your garden. You can also use a garden bench which is not only beautiful but also functional since you can enjoy the garden quality significantly. Yet, it is suggested that you choose the location for the bench thoroughly, by considering the direction of the sunlight and the location of your house.


Land surface is also an important factor for your good Feng Shui garden. Make your garden higher than the surrounding areas, or create the garden on a sloping area. This position will provide better energy. It is also a good idea to use various soil, sand, and stones. You can also create a path to enhance the beauty of the garden.

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