Home Improvement Idea: An Open Concept Dining Room

Dining Room Design with an Open Concept

 Homlovely.com - Be thankful if you live in an area where the air is still clean, fresh, and not polluted. In such areas, the environment is certainly still beautiful and natural. This kind of environment eases people in creating a cool and fresh home as well.

In a cool and free pollution area, any space can be made open. That way, the air inside the house will circulate smoothly and the house becomes healthy. Such concepts can also suppress the use of electrical energy. There is no need to use lights during the day. An air conditioner is not needed either, because the air around the house is naturally cool.


One room that can be designed in an open concept is the dining room. By creating an open dining room design, we can enjoy the view of the outdoors while dining there. For instance, we can enjoy the park in the yard or the view the mountains far away.


To make an open-concept dining room, you need to create openings, definitely. In this case, you should make a large window. If you want a modern open dining room, apply transparent glass walls. By doing so, here you have a great exterior view which can be enjoyed from the dining room.


Well, if you want to create a more natural atmosphere, use natural elements in the dining room. For example, using wood as the base material of furniture, or using wood as indoor decoration materials. Besides, we can also add other natural elements such as plants and water. That way, the room, the dining room, will really feel open like in the middle of nature which is cool and fresh.

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