Beautiful Farm House Design 6m x 9m with 2 Bedrooms

Beautiful Farm House Design 6m x 9m with 2 Bedrooms -- A farm house is a type of house that can usually be found in rural areas. The design is simple, but also provides a sense of comfort and homey for the homeowner. The following small house is suitable as an inspiration for those of you who live in the countryside. Let's check the details below!

Facade Design

Facade Design

An attractive simple look, with a prominent bungalow style. This small house has a spacious terrace from the front to the side, comfortable and safe with chair sets to railings all around. The white and navy colors go well together, making for an eye-catching look. The same goes for the flowery landscape in front of the house.

Terrace Ideas


The elongated side terrace is suitable for various purposes. It can be used as a cozy place to relax, or even as a semi-outdoor dining area that is suitable if you want to hold a small party with your loved ones. On this side, we can also see a secondary skin that provides additional privacy.

Open Space Room

Living Area

Because of its limited size, you can utilize the open space concept for a living room like this. The design looks simple and minimalist with the selection of white and warm earthy tones. The wood look is very dominant in the decoration and furniture, making an elegant and attractive impression, especially with the luxurious navy color accents.

Bedroom Ideas


For the bedroom, you can customize it to suit each owner's taste. Like this bedroom for example, it still looks elegant with its green color combination. The green color is used as an accent in the corner and makes a natural and refreshing ambiance.

Floor Plan

Floor Plan

House features:

- Living Area

- Dining Area

- Kitchen Area

- Mini Bar area

- 2 Bedroom

- 1 Bathroom

- Laundry area

- Balcony/Porch/Terrace area (Entertainment area)

As for the estimated cost, a house like this would require approximately $16,000 - 21,000 USD (standard finishing only). Of course, this cost can vary depending on many factors, such as the area you live in, how much the materials cost, workers' wages, construction time, and so on. Please consult with the experts!

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