48 sqm Modern Bahay Kubo | 2 Bedrooms with Est. Cost

 Homlovely.comThis modern house of Bahay Kubo looks minimalist with an area of 48 sqm. Moreover, designed with complete facilities such as 2 bedrooms, this modern house of Bahay Kubo can be lived by up to 4 people. Let's look at the review below for more details.

Exterior design

Bahay Kubo is synonymous with its characteristics, namely, there are several natural elements in the design of their home. Usually, bamboo or rattan elements line the walls of Bahay Kubo's house. The exterior design of this house looks amazing with the steps leading to the house. And around Bahay Kubo's house, some pathways make the design even more stylish.

Back view

The rear view of the house has a minimalist design and there are also stairs. At the back of this house, several small windows are used for ventilation. And not to forget the empty backyard can be used as a relaxing area or used for a garden.

Open space concept

For the interior of Bahay Kubo's house, they apply the concept of open or without partitions. Like the living room which becomes one room with the kitchen and dining room. However, a neat and appropriate arrangement keeps the room neat and does not interfere with the function between rooms.

Bedroom design

For the bedroom in a chic and minimalist design. With grid-made yet functional windows, featuring a modern design. Do not forget to install curtains according to size and needs so that the bedroom feels comfortable.

Floor plan

The floor plan of the modern Bahay Kubo house consists of:
  • terrace
  • living room
  • kitchen
  • dining room
  • master bedroom
  • twin bedroom
  • bathroom
  • backyard

Estimated cost

And for a rough estimate, the estimated price of this modern Bahay Kubo house is around Php 864,000 or USD 15,449.26. This price estimate can be adjusted to the location and so on.

Author     : Yuniar
Editor      : Munawaroh
Source    : Youtube - Konsepto Designs

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