Beautiful Cluster House in Japandi Style

 Homlovely.comThis tiny house that has a geometric design is built in clusters and looks comfortable to live in. The exterior design does look simple, but once inside, you will be presented with a comfortable room with Japanese style. Let's take a look at the review below for details.


It looks like the exterior design of the house looks simple with a minimalist style. In a geometric design with a flat roof, the front of the house appears to have a white color that gives a clean accent. Not only that, combined with wooden elements make the design of the house more attractive and fresh.

Open plan concept

Indeed, to get around a small and limited house, it is necessary to design open or without partitions. This house also applies the concept of an open plan with a barrier that is designed to be efficient and only needed in moderation. It looks like a bedroom that has no door and borders the wall with this kitchen area. Even so, it seems that there is enough space so that it does not disturb the function between rooms.


For the bedroom, there is a deck that is quite high and used for beds. And across from the bed, there is a wardrobe and also a desk for studying or working. No need to worry about the atmosphere in the bedroom that will be stuffy, because there is a window that can make air circulation better and can access sunlight to enter the room.


It looks like a kitchen that is designed tiny with a linear kitchen table feels comfortable. The kitchen interior that wears bright shades makes the kitchen look airy. Equipped with small windows or air vents, can prevent the kitchen from smoke due to cooking activities.


Likewise, the bathroom is designed with bright nuances, making a small room look spacious and have enough space. Separated by a small wall, the bathroom is divided into a shower area and a dry area. You can install a mirror in the sink area which can make you comfortable when looking in the mirror.

Author : Yuniar

Editor : Munawaroh

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