Homey Scandinavian Dwelling Designs Bring Relax

 Homlovely.comScandinavian-style design is indeed much loved. Besides being able to provide a relaxing effect, Scandinavian design can also provide a more neat and aesthetic dwelling. Combining several natural elements is certainly a good thing for a residence that feels fresh and calming. The review below about Scandinavian residential design is presented for you.

Living room area

Furniture, items, and ornaments for decoration in this living room have the right size and color. With a small living room, measurement is the main thing so that the living room feels comfortable and fits when filled with furniture and other items. Likewise, with appropriate and not excessive ornaments, will certainly help to improve the accent of the living room.

Fresh living area with plants

Adding plants in the living room is certainly a good thing. Give plants that have a function as air purifiers. Such as Snake Plants, Pothos, Philodendron, Monstera, and so on. Place them in areas that you think are nice and eye-catching.

Cozy bedroom design

The right arrangement and the use of the right items and furniture make the bedroom feel comfortable and do not look stuffy or messy. You can add some ornaments such as plants, decorative lights, or others that you think are good.

Kitchen and large window

The kitchen is in a minimalist design and the letter L model on this table can maximize the design in the kitchen room. Coupled with wide windows also make the kitchen has good lighting and smooth air circulation. Give plants as decorations and air filtration in the kitchen area for a beautiful, attractive, and healthy kitchen.

Tidy bathroom

Having a white base color, this bathroom uses waterproof or ceramic wood floors with colors resembling wood colors. However, the right arrangement and design make the bathroom look clean, neat, and comfortable. You can create built-in storage to save space in this bathroom area. And add some ornaments as well as plants for a nice and aesthetic accent.

Author : Yuniar

Editor : Munawaroh

Source : nasz.stuletni.dom

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