81 Sqm Modern House Design With Entertainment Deck | 2 Bedrooms

81 Sqm Modern House Design With Entertainment Deck | 2 Bedrooms 

Homlovely.com -- The presence of an extra roofdeck area can be a solution to making your home more comfortable and complete. The house itself has a main building size of 9x9 meters, with an additional roof deck that is almost as large as the ground floor. Let's check the details of this house design!

Minimalist Design

Front View

Modern design with a look that will enchant you even in simple images! The simplicity combined with the proper arrangement, gives the harmony of beauty in this little house. The design is also quite private by making the entrance facing to the side.

Side Terrace

Right Side View

Facilities that live even on small land. On the side of the house there is an additional terrace with a semi-outdoor design, with a sliding door access to the living room from the side. A comfortable atmosphere is filled with a set of garden chairs and also a collection of plants in concrete pots next to it.

Rear View

Rear View

Looking at the back of the house in a simpler style. From here we can also see the details of the house, such as the iron railing that protects around the roofdeck, to wooden ornaments as secondary skins.

Safe and Comfortable

Left Side View

The left side of the house looks more dimensional. It's because there's a stairway access to the roofdeck area. The staircase design also looks minimalistic and trendy according to the timetable. The stairs also have a fit size, won't make you feel tired quickly.

Spacious Roof Deck

Roof Deck

This is the side of the roof deck that we can see in more detail. A fairly large size, which would even be a very comfortable place to hold a gathering or a small party with loved ones!

Floor Plan

Ground Floor

This house is consist of:

- Front and Side Porch/Terrace 

- Living Area

- Dining and Kitchen Area

- 2 Bedrooms

- 1 Bathroom

Roof Deck Plan

As the title says, this roofdeck area will be used as an entertainment area. A variety of games and entertainment can be placed here as you can see in the pictures. But you can also change it as you like, for example, adding a green garden.

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Author : Rieka

Editor : Munawaroh

Source : Youtube ArkiRicz3D

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