Stunning Interior Design Using Warm Accent

 Homlovely.comThe homey atmosphere at home is certainly the desired thing. With warm and relaxing accents, this minimalist design house is suitable for resting and living in it. Let's see the review below for details.

Porch area

Small and minimalist, this porch has the right design and arrangement, you can put the furniture needed to sit down. Then add some plants and lanterns or other lighting in this area of the porch.

Living room

Interior design that applies light colors makes the living room look more spacious and clean. The wooden floor also gives the living room a warm and fresh impression. You can apply matching colors to furniture or other items for an eye-catching and aesthetic living room.

Dining room

The selection of furniture and the right arrangement makes the dining room feel comfortable. With plants as decorations around the dining room, it will certainly make this area feel more comfortable and have a pleasant and soothing atmosphere.


Minimizing items or items in the bedroom can help to get a comfortable room to rest. You can apply a design in line with other rooms in this bedroom. Arrange neatly and put a carpet on the bedroom floor so that the room is warmer when winter arrives.


Minimalist desks and comfortable chairs make the workspace look chic and stunning. Minimalist design in workspaces can also help to increase productivity in study and work. Put only the necessary items and reduce unnecessary items so that the workspace table is not full and messy.


This inline kitchen has a simple design but is still minimalist and comfortable. Supported by a window next to the kitchen table, it will certainly help with lighting and comfortable air circulation.

Author : Yuniar

Editor : Munawaroh

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