Absolutely Beautiful Small 5 x 5 m House Design for Low Budget


Homlovely.com -- A small house doesn't have to look bad. Instead, make a small house look beautiful to attract anyone's attention and make them admire your home. The following are small home design ideas that are very possible for you to build with a low budget. For details, check Absolutely Beautiful Small 5 x 5 m House Design for Low Budget.

House facade design

This small house facade design has a simple and clean look with neat details that make it look modern with the application of soft and soothing colors. There are also glass doors and windows that make the house appear brighter and warmer.

Living area design

Entering the interior, there is a guest area that is first encountered because it is at the very front with a small sofa with a capacity of 2-3 people. Simple decorations on the wall can make the room look more stylish. Then, to make it look shady, don't forget the curtains on the glass door area.

Open space area

After the living area, there is also another area in this open space room that has no partition. There is a kitchen with a small dining table that looks sleek and saves space. The wall cabinet is also able to make the room tidier because it can organize many items in a more compact and closed manner.

Bedroom design

This small house has only one bedroom that can be occupied comfortably and has a modern minimalist look that makes the small space feel big. The choice of colors, the molding details on the walls, the mirror in the headboard area are some of the touches that make the small bedroom feel more amazing.

Bathroom design

The small bathroom is also designed with a modern look by using marble-patterned walls with a glass divider that keeps the room looking spacious. Only a few important pieces of furniture are used in this bathroom so that it doesn't feel cramped.




Author     : Hafidza
Editor      : Munawaroh
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