7 Ideas of Scandinavian Bathroom

 Homlovely.comScandi bathroom design gives a calm and comfortable impression. With colors that are dominated by light and neutral colors, making the room look bigger. Here are some examples of Scandinavian bathroom designs.

Cozy bathroom with plants


Placing plants in a Scandinavian bathroom is a great move. Besides being able to help reduce humidity, the presence of plants also helps to improve aesthetics in the bathroom area.

Get bright hues in the bathroom


Applying light colors such as white and neutral such as cream is identical to the Scandinavian theme. The purpose of using bright colors can certainly help make a small room look bigger. Likewise, neutral colors can make the room feel comfortable and relaxing.

Combine the white and neutral color


Generally, white and cream color combinations are widely used for Scandinavian themes. This will certainly make the design more attractive and not monotonous. Don't forget to give lamps that have appropriate lighting for slick results.

Use some patterns in balanced ways


Use patterns for an attractive bathroom design. Usually only designed with color alone makes the accent look monotonous. You can apply patterns to ceramics, or other decorations according to your preferences.

Try using pastels in the bathroom


Pastel colors are quite good for Scandinavian bathroom design. You can try mixing and matching colors for stunning and attractive results.

Tidy with clever storage


Storage is quite helpful for a neat and clean bathroom. There are many types of storage that you can use for Scandinavian bathrooms. Such as hanging shelf storage, built-in shelves, shelves in the corner, and many others.

Modern design in Scandi bathroom


Modern and stylish design certainly makes the bathroom look chic and aesthetic. You find many references for aesthetic and trendy bathroom designs on the internet. Match your style for a beautiful and comfortable finish.

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