Mezzanine House Design in Bright and Dark

 Homlovely.comThe mezzanine can be said to be a balcony located inside the house. The function of the mezzanine itself can help the dwelling have an extra area and this is suitable for small-sized residences. Below is a review that will discuss the mezzanine house. Let's take a look!

A-frame facade

The façade or exterior of this house has an A-frame design. Seems simple and minimalist indeed. The design that is black and combined with wooden elements makes the façade of the house look chic and elegant.

Entering view

As soon as you enter the house, you will see a room designed without partitions. It can also be seen that the upstairs area or mezzanine makes the residence more functional and efficient. The light color design makes the residence feel more airy and warm.

Living room design

In addition to the interior, you can make furniture and items in this house wear matching colors. This will make the design of the house look stylish and comfortable. Design the living room nicely and add a carpet for warm and cozy accents.

Kitchen area

The minimalist design in the kitchen also helps make the residence more complete and comfortable. The combination of black and light colors and wood elements makes the kitchen feel fresher and cleaner.

Functional under-stairs design

The area under the empty stairs can be used for functional things. Such as being used as a kitchen canal for example, as a storage area, and so on.

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