54 sqm Small House Design | 4 Bedrooms Plus Balcony

 Homlovely.comThis modern minimalist 6x9 meter house is neatly designed with 4 bedrooms. In addition, there is a second floor which is mostly used for balconies.

Facade design

The design of the façade of this house looks minimalist and simple. With a white and blue design, it makes the appearance look elegant and fresh. Not only that, the right arrangement and the existence of a garden in front of the house make the atmosphere more soothing.

Balcony view

The second floor which has a bedroom and also a rooftop or balcony has a simple design but is still comfortable. A rooftop area or balcony has a fairly large area, making you more flexible when relaxing in this area.

Floor plans

On the first floor, there are:

  • terrace (1.56m x 3.06m)
  • living room (2.88m x 3.06m)
  • bedroom 1 (2.94m x 3.06m)
  • bedroom 2 (3.06m x 3.12m)
  • bathroom (1.44m x 2.18m)
  • kitchen and dining room (3.82m x 5.94m)

For the second floor, there are:

  • 2 bedrooms
  • corridor
  • balcony or rooftop

Living room area

Putting a letter L sofa in the living room will certainly maximize space but also still make the room feel spacious. With a minimalist design and a selection of colors and decorations that match and are right, the living room looks chic and eye-catching.

Bedroom design

Bedrooms equipped with a TV will certainly make it efficient and more enjoyable. The existence of a window in the bedroom also helps to provide comfort and a good and healthy atmosphere.

Kitchen spot

As usual, combining the kitchen and dining room certainly makes the design more simple and efficient. There is also a kitchen island that helps the kitchen look neat and beautiful.

Author : Yuniar

Editor : Munawaroh

Source : Youtube - Azura Raisya Medina

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