Cottage House Design with A Wrap-Around Porch + FLOOR PLAN

Cottage House Design with A Wrap-Around Porch + FLOOR PLAN -- For those of you who are looking for a house design with a cottage house model, maybe the design below can be your reference in building your dream home. So, check out Cottage House Design with A Wrap-Around Porch + FLOOR PLAN


A beautiful and simple exterior design is the main appearance of this house. The front area of this house is used as a place to relax by placing a few chairs and tables. Glass window designs like this house are a good choice for those of you who want to have a sunroom area.

Right view side

Still with the porch area, the right area of this house is also used as a barbeque gathering place with friends and family, especially this area outside the house. A simple design with minimalist colors makes this area have a comfortable look. 

Living area

Entering the house, there is a living area with a cozy and charming look. This area has a beautiful blend of soft colors of blue and white. This area can be filled with several sofas, tables, and tv. Making the side of the wall into a bookshelf is a great idea.

Floor plan

Lets take a look at the detail  of this house design. It has

- Porch
- Living area
- Bathroom
- 2 Bedroom
- Kitchen and dining area
- Sunroom
- Laundry area


That's Cottage House Design with A Wrap-Around Porch + FLOOR PLAN . Perhaps this article inspire you to build your own house. 

Author : Devi

Editor : Munawaroh

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