Tiny House with Loft Ideas 520 sq ft + 3 bedrooms with floor plan


Tiny House with Loft Ideas 520 sq ft + 3 bedrooms with floor plan

Homlovely.com -- Coping with a house of limited size can be done in a variety of ways. One of them is making an attic house design, minimizing the room to form a house as small as possible. You can apply this attic house design example to narrow land with good detail and a complete interior. Tiny House With Loft Ideas: 520 sq ft + 3 bedrooms

Facade details

This 6-by-8-meter house has unique facade details, starting with the roof model used. up to the front components such as natural stone material, pillars, and a bright neutral color exterior. The attic house model also looks clear without any cover, so the house is more cozy.

Roof model

The limited area of the house, making this house have a very small size and appearance. especially the use of half-sloping roof models that are applied, which is more enjoyable and fashionable. Narrow roof details give the right combination effect to a tiny house.

The open-plan concept

The kitchen and dining room are made into one place, which applies the open-plan concept. Narrow and bright details are important when having a small house. Size limitations can create a model with a clean interior. complete lighting and ventilation accents.

Bedroom ideas

The design of the bedroom is bold, and accent lighting on the surface of the wall adds a bright and aesthetic appearance. This room provides a warm atmosphere with a touch of neutral color and tends to be dim.

1st floor plan

The 6 x 8 meter house has a detailed space that includes a living room, bedrooms 1 and 2, a bathroom, a kitchen, and a dining room. The size, as well as details such as images, can be adjusted to the area of land.

Loft plans

This loft house has several areas, including a bedroom. It is also used for laundry and the patio terrace. Details are like pictures.

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