Brilliant Farmhouse Design 6 x 6 meter for Small Space

Brilliant Farmhouse Design 6 x 6 meter for Small Space --  Tiny house inspiration will never get boring. We provide it for those of you who are looking for home inspiration. The hope is, of course, that you can be enthusiastic and work hard to continue to realize your dream home after reading the details of the house. 

A house with a size of 6 x 6 meters will always be an option for small land, especially for those of you who are reading this article. details This house is a farmhouse that applies a minimalist concept with a complete interior. Check out the idea of a brilliant farmhouse design (6 x 6 meters) for a small space here:


 Front view

This 6 x 6 meter house has the look of a traditional house or farmhouse. The shape of the house seems elongated, like an accent stilt house with a wide terrace. Exterior color, a little contrast, and bright details will make the house more special as a residential home.

Side view

From the side, this house is getting sweeter as a residential house. The details are increasingly clear from the pillars, flat roof models for terraces, and railings that grind the facade of the house. Because the house model is elevated, this house has stairs for access.


 Terrace design

This farmhouse has a fairly wide space outside on the terrace. As an interior restriction, this terrace can be used as a more relaxed place to receive guests and even enjoy dishes and celebrate. Designed like a room, complete with lighting and ceiling fan accents for more refreshing air.

Kitchen details

In the interior, this house has a small kitchen area with cabinet accents. The linear kitchen model remains the choice of many homes because it is compact and simple. Gray is an option to add color contrast that is too neutral so that the room remains stylish.

Laundry room


To maximize the existing space, the laundry room of this house is placed in the corner between the kitchen and bathroom. As seen, the details of the laundry room are more optimal and functional, as is the clothesline. Wood material will be the right combination for every detail of the room, including this laundry.



Here is an example of a bedroom design that you can apply to a real home. Made very bright with wide windows on both sides of the mattress. This room looks elegant, simple, and cleaner. The stylish details will make you feel comfortable and at home as you rest here.

Room details

The floor plan of the room in this house is as follows: with a size of 6 x 6 meters, this house has a very large terrace as a place to relax, receive guests, and even celebrate. With just one bedroom, you can maximize other spaces such as the living room, kitchen, laundry, and bathroom.



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