2 Storey Modern House Design Idea 7 x 10 M With Roof Deck


2 Storey Modern House Design Idea 7 x 10 M With Roof Deck

Homlovely.com -- Building a house on a large area can present challenges ranging from design, interior, and exterior to spatial arrangement. Of course, a house on a large lot will be a comfortable and decent home for the family. As an example of this design with a size of 7 x 10 meters and 2 floors, which has 3 bedrooms and other complete facilities, you can check and read more in this detail.

Facade design

This is what the facade design of a modern 2-story house looks like. Exterior light and neutral colors combined together so as to give the facade a more attractive appearance. The unique shape with triangular accents for some details is very clear and looks neat. Moreover, this house uses modern elements such as canopies, fences, and a touch of concrete.

Roof details

This 2-story house model is very interesting from all sides and even from the top. Sloping roof models with precise shapes give the impression of luxury. This house also leaves side land that is functional as a garden and as an open area.

Living room interior

In the interior, there is an open-plan living room. This living room has neat details with the selection of appropriate furniture. Each supporting element, such as windows, doors, and sofas, is very complete to make the living room more comfortable.

Kitchen details

The following area is the kitchen. Hallway kitchen models look very closed and hidden. Linear kitchen models are best suited for limited space. Choose clean interior colors to give a spacious impression. create the concept of open space between side gardens to make it more refreshing.

Bedroom ideas

This is an example of the bedroom design in this house. The size is perfect for a child's room with a single mattress. The view is not random, so the room is cleaner and looks a little more spacious.

Model roof deck

This 2-story house has a roof deck that functions as a laundry area. Made semi-open with a canopy that helps make the house look more modern on the facade. The size is perfect for outdoor activities such as drying and washing clothes.

First floor plan

Detail Floor Plan 1 has the same size as in the picture. There are two accesses to the living room and a side area in the kitchen. This first floor is dedicated to a living room, dining room, kitchen, bathroom, and side garden. There is also an open-plan terrace and garage between the house and the back garden.

2nd floor plan

Here is a second floor plan that serves as the most special place for family and privacy. This house has three bedrooms, one of which is the master bedroom with an en suite bathroom. There is also a bathroom around the stairs. The staircase area is made more open for a fresh void concept. The size is shown in the details of the plan.

3nd Floor plan

Here is the third floor plan of a modern house. as a laundry room that is placed at the front. There is also a multifunctional area equipped with your sofa and other furniture sets. The size is quite detailed, as shown above.

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