An Absolute Must-See 9 x 5 m Small House Design with 2 Bedrooms

An Absolute Must-See 9 x 5 m Small House Design with 2 Bedrooms -- An area of 9 x 5m you can build a beautiful and beautiful dream home. This An Absolute Must-See 9 x 5 m Small House Design with 2 Bedrooms may be suitable for those of you who have small land but want to build a comfortable and beautiful residence.

Facade design

Outside design has a beautiful and unique style. Dominated by red brick, making the house feel warm and comfortable. Land area of 9 x 5 can be built a house with 2 floors. You can put some of your favorite plant in front of this house.

Living area

The living room, white color dominates the room makes it feel more spacious, clean and neat. Placing some appropriate furniture is the right choice. You can also put the decoration in the form of flower vases and adjust to your taste.

Kitchen area

Not far from the living area, there is a kitchen area with a complete kitchen set and the another side of the kitchen is used as a bar for eating. Even though it has a small land area, this area has everything you need for a kitchen. You can also place windows in this area.

Bedroom 1

The first bedroom is still dominated by white color. This room can be filled with a small bed and a medium wardrobe. Windows as ventilation can still be installed in this room.

Bedroom 2

This bedroom has an area that is slightly wider than the the previous room. This white color makes the room look wider and neater. A small table is also placed on the side of the bed.


The bathroom is designed with elegant and beautiful. It remains to choose a white color for a small area. There are two areas, namely dry areas and wet areas. Although small but with smart furniture placement makes this room feel more larger.

That's An Absolute Must-See 9 x 5 m Small House Design with 2 Bedrooms, hopefully this design can be your reference for building a dream house.

Author : Devi Milania

Editor : Munawaroh

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