Small House Design with Roof Deck and 2 Bedroom

Small House Design with Roof  Deck and 2 Bedroom -- Deck roofs are popular in today's homes. This minimalist house has complete family facilities and a magnificent appearance. The dominant material components appear to be supportive for all seasons in the design. The following review contains all of the pertinent information:

 Design of facade

This minimalist home has an elegant and neat facade appearance, with slate stone wall accents that stand out and provide modern home details. This house provides extra space on the terrace and for an open roof deck with a simple model. As you can see, the exterior of this house appears to be well-balanced, with white, natural beige, and a prominent wood color.

 Model of a House's roof

This home features a semi-flat roof made of solid material. For today's modern homes, materials such as concrete or asphalt flats can be used. Created two levels for the main residential area and the back yard. Another case on the roof is open, uncovered, and adorned with an iron trellis.

 Details on the back of the house

There is an open laundry room at the back of the house with no barriers, making it spacious and bright. With the addition of a minimalist glass canopy, this space transforms into a filthy kitchen.


Kitchen specifics

This house's minimalist kitchen design has an eclectic theme. Using dominant navy colors, the details are very neat and elegant. The kitchen is designed in the shape of a letter L with a modern idealistic concept.

Designing a child's bedroom


The child's bedroom design in this minimalist home appears complex and adaptable. Loft bed made of wood for a child's bedroom. Because the design is compact and lightweight, it appears timeless.

 Floor plan

The 9.4 x 9.65-foot house has a floor plan that includes a living room, dining room, kitchen, laundry, bedroom, and bathroom. There are two bedrooms: one for the master bedroom and one for the children.

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