86Sqm Low-Cost Small Farmhouse Design Idea

86Sqm Low-Cost Small Farmhouse Design Idea

Homiful.com -- Country-style houses are able to give a natural and homey impression. It looks simple but still beautiful, which is why this type of house tends to be more affordable. As in the following "86Sqm Low-Cost Small Farmhouse Design Idea", it can be an inspiration to build your own dream home.



Facade Design

Facade Design

This small house has a typical facade of a house with a country style. With a combination roof, the terrace looks like a triangle accented with wooden plank decorations. There is also the use of a wide flat roof, which protects the terrace very well. So it feels shady and also airy.

Spacious Terrace


Like a typical farmhouse, this house has a large terrace area, from the front to the right side of the house. Spacious and cozy, coupled with a beautiful rattan sofa and swing, relaxing time will be more enjoyable. In addition, there are many fresh green plants, ranging from bushes, hanging plants, to a unique vertical garden.



Living Room

Living Room

Looking simple from the outside, this house has a super cozy interior! The beautiful living room is furnished with a gray sofa, coffee table and a wall-mounted led TV. Oh, it also has a fireplace to keep you warm during the cold winter months! The design is unique with natural stone, vintage!



Open Space Concept

Open Space

With a fairly minimalist size, this house needs to make the most of every available space and corner. The open space concept is well applied to the living room, dining room and kitchen. This area also leads to a side terrace with a sliding glass door partition. 



Cozy Bedroom


The bedroom should be the most comfortable room ever. This bedroom is also very comfortable thanks to the complete facilities. A soft bed, side table, work desk, and nightlight. Oh, the interior design is also very beautiful with brown paint with some simple but aesthetic decorations.





Soaking in warm water with soft and fragrant soaps in the bathtub, after tiring activities, can be one of the most enjoyable activities. This bathroom has complete facilities, there is a sink bathtub, and a toilet seat, as well as a beautiful round mirror. There is also a cabinet and a washing machine for laundry. 

Floor Plan

Floor Plan

The house features 86.36 sqm, consist of :

Porch : 22.6 sqm

Living, Dining, and Kitchen Area : 32.2 sqm

Bedroom 1 : 10.5 sqm

Bedroom 2 : 10.5 sqm

Bathroom : 6.44 sqm



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Author    : Rieka

Editor    : Munawaroh

Source    : Youtube.com/ AKASHI DESIGN

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