4 x 6 Meter House Design for Small Space with Loft

4 x 6 Meter House Design for Small Space with Loft


Homlovely.com -- A lack of land will almost certainly make you reconsider building a large house. However, if you are looking for inspiration, you can choose limited land to build a dream minimalist home. Check out the 4 x 6 Meter House Design for Small Space with Loft below.

Facade design

This house's facade appears to be small. The details are kept neat with a natural concept using elegant wood elements in Japanese style. The exterior is elegant and light, making it easier for owners to change the colors. Use more natural stone walls to create a more assertive and natural exterior.

House roof design

The gable roof model is used in this minimalist house with a limited size of 4 x 6 meters. The slope on two sides is the same. The roof design of the house will benefit the interior, making the room appear larger and more relieved. Furthermore, the roof model of this house can be converted into an attic concept for additional space.

Interior with concept open plan

The interior design of this house is open plan. It can be seen that the interior of the living room and dining room has been left open with no partitions. The interior makes use of wood as a dominant material for a more natural and timeless appearance. This room looks neat with improvised furniture and saves space.

Spatial design

This room's interior design is simple. Between the dining room and kitchen is an open living room. There is also a bathroom with a toilet in one area. looks attractive with a neat look without looking monotonous.

Loft design


The loft concept creates a room with a foreign style. The design incorporates timeless wood furniture. From the ceiling to the cabinets and beds. This loft room is equipped with railings to ensure the safety of children.

 Specification for the floor plan

As seen in the image, this tiny house has a detailed floor plan. 4 x 6 meters is a complicated size for bedrooms, living rooms, kitchens and dining rooms, and bathrooms. You can build a small house like this to expand the design of a house with additional floors until it has two floors.

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