Inspiring Bunk Bed Design for Space Saving Child's Bedroom -- The bedroom is one of the most important things for its owner no matter how old he or she is. Even for children, having their own bedroom is believed to increase their independence and responsibility for the space they have. However, the small size of the house is often a barrier to having a comfortable bedroom. However, the following ideas will help you create a cozy children's bedroom that can be used by 2 children at once to save space. For ideas that you can replicate, check out Inspiring Bunk Bed Design for Space Saving Child's Bedroom.

Functional stairs

This bedroom design looks interesting by using an arrangement that makes the room not stuffy and leaves a comfortable space. The staircase to the upper bed is attractively made and functionally utilized. You can make it a place to store books and toys to make it more neat.

Design safely

A child's bedroom needs to pay attention to security so that you as a parent can leave it more calmly. Give a railing that covers the upper bed area so as to minimize the risk of children falling. Make a strong railing so that it still provides the best security for all children's activities in it.

Creative and funny design

A bedroom with this fun design will be able to give an interesting first impression for children so that they start getting used to being independent and separate from their parents' bedroom. Not only has a bed, this can also be used as a fun play area. The design of the stairs combined with the slide will of course be liked by children.

Add complete facilities

Apart from being a comfortable bedroom, this room is also made more impressive and functional by adding several facilities in it. There is a study room with a cabinet that can be used to organize books more neatly so they will be easy to find.

Natural look with wooden color

The appearance of this natural bedroom has a predominance of distinctive wood colors and patterns so that the owner can feel a calm atmosphere at any time. Pattern details on the walls are a touch that makes this bedroom feel more alive.





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