Cozy House Design Ideas with Trendy Roof Deck -- Having a comfortable home is of course everyone's wish. Starting from the design, decoration, layout, color selection, and so on have their respective roles to create comfort for the owner. For cozy home ideas with stylish designs, check out Cozy House Design Ideas with Trendy Roof Deck.

House facade design

This house design features a unique facade with a popular look complemented by a functional roof deck. In addition, the combination of colors that are not overwhelming can enhance the beauty of this house. As an access to the roof deck area, there is an outside staircase that also becomes an element that beautifies the exterior of the house.

Living room

For the inside of the house, there is a living room with simple details using attractive colors to make it look more alive. This living room also has large windows that are able to incorporate light into the house so that it feels warmer, brighter, and more spacious.

Functional divider

The living room area also has other facilities such as a television to enjoy with the family. The use of this television cabinet is also made as a divider that looks smart and more flexible in its arrangement.

Kitchen and dining table

The dining area and kitchen are integrated to create a space-saving room and make it easier for the owner to prepare dishes from the kitchen to the dining table. Due to their close proximity, the kitchen and dining room share the same stylistic details, making them look well-organized.

Master bedroom

Moving on to the master bedroom, the small space is made to feel spacious by the clever arrangement and selection of furniture. The bed is arranged in the center, leaving space on its right and left to be filled with some complementary furniture such as side tables and some plants as decoration.

Simple modern bathroom

This house has an interior with a modern style including the bathroom. Minimalist details in some parts make it look clean and spacious. The choice of unobtrusive colors is also able to provide tranquility for relaxation while bathing.




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