Small Farmhouse Design Ideas That Look Like Resorts! (Home Tour)


Small Farmhouse Design Ideas That Look Like Resorts! (Home Tour) -- Houses with a small size often make us have to be extra creative in designing them. A house with a small size is perfect for those of you who are single or have a small family. If you are interested in small country-style houses, then the following "Small Farmhouse Design Ideas That Look Like Resorts!" is the right idea for you. Are you curious? Let's check it out!

Facade Design


The facade of the house has a rustic look to it. It appears to be a house constructed with a predominance of white and blue wood materials. The house also has a terrace where people can relax. With the addition of a small table, the terrace is outfitted with a set of rattan material chairs that can seat two people. Doors and windows are designed in a classic, simple style with white and red wooden frames.



 Mezzanine Style


When we enter the house, we will notice the concept of a mezzanine. The bedroom is located upstairs and is connected by a wooden staircase. Because of the mezzanine concept, this house feels quite spacious. Furthermore, this house employs the open space concept, so there is no separation between the living room and the kitchen area.

Living Room


Because of the high ceiling, the living room appears to be quite spacious. This living room has two windows with an attractive classic design and patterned curtains. This room is painted white to make it appear larger. The green smooth velvet sofa is an eye-catching feature in this room. Carpets and pillows with line motifs were also stunning. There is a cabinet and a television in front of the sofa; it is very comfortable to relax here.

Kitchen and Dining Area


We'll find a kitchen room right next to the living room. This kitchen is also intended to be integrated with the dining room. The kitchen set is made of wood and has a single-line layout. On the side, there is a dining table that is combined with the kitchen set. 

In addition to cabinets, this kitchen stores items on shelves and hangers. A window directly in front of the sink provides excellent air circulation. This room is also made interesting by the use of ornaments such as curtains and patterned carpets.



As previously stated, this house employs the concept of a mezzanine. Now as outcome, the bedroom in this house is located on the upstairs. The walls of this room, which also has a country-side design, are made of sturdy wood that has been painted white. 

This room feel more spacious without the use of a plavon. This room is minimalist in design, with a medium-sized springbed for two people. The bedcover is patterned with monochrome triangles in black and white. The addition of lights on both sides of the bed makes this room feel cozy and inviting to sleep in.



The bathroom is located at the very end of the house, close to the kitchen and dining area. This house's bathroom is also designed in a black and white monochrome theme. White brick patterned wall tiles are used on the bathroom walls. 

When we enter the bathroom, we will notice a sink directly in front of the door. It is flanked by a seated closet, and on the other side is a shower area separated by a transparent glass door with a black frame. This bathroom appears to be very minimalist while also having a vintage feel due to the unique motifs on the floor tiles.



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