Modern and Minimalist House Design Ideas To Inspire You - A house using a modern and minimalist design will make it look beautiful. Using the dominance of white and natural wood will make the house look minimalist and more spacious. So there is nothing wrong if you make your dream home using modern and minimalist designs. Usually, minimalist home designs are characterized by a simple, plain and efficient layout of multi story space volumes. In addition, usually houses using minimalist designs use a room style with little furniture. For more details you can see the details below !! 

Facade Design 

The facade of the house using a white color display makes the atmosphere more charming. This house has simple but firm building lines that make it look more modern. The house is equipped with glass doors and windows that make the appearance more beautiful. There are lights with yellow color that further enhance the appearance of the house. 

Living Room Design

Entering the house there is a living room using a brown sofa bed and combined with a white sofa bed. The living room, which has a large size, looks charming and comfortable. The living room is equipped with glass windows and looks bright and spacious. With the use of a cozy carpet motif, it makes the look more modern. 

Dining Room Design 

The dining room, which is located next to the living room, is quite spacious. You can use a concept like a bar table by using high chairs and a high wooden table. This dining room is also located near the kitchen with a letter L shape so it will not take up much space. 

Bedroom Design 

This white-colored bedroom shows a clean and neat impression. The bedroom with an ideal size mattress if used for one person has comfort for the owner of the room. The bedroom is also equipped with a nightstand used for storage and modern white glass windows. 

Laundry Room Design 

This very neat laundry room is small in size. Despite its small size, this laundry room has a beautiful and modern look. By using a washing machine and also stacking shelves that are used to put clothes that have dried make the appearance more charming. The floor of the laundry room is chosen using black and white motifs to make it look more attractive. 

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