2 Storey Small House Design With Deck 4.50m x 10.65m (96 Sqm TFA) | 2 Bedroom

Homlovely.com -- The design of a two-story house is very popular with many people because it can be built on a small size but can still have complete facilities. If you want to have a small house design with 2 floors that has a comfortable layout, check 2 Storey Small House Design With Deck 4.50m x 10.65m (96 Sqm TFA) | 2 Bedrooms.



House facade design

The design of the facade of this house from the front looks so natural with the choice of colors and details of the natural stone texture applied to some parts of the walls. Then, apart from the balcony, the railing is also applied to the fence on the porch to make it safer and able to add elements that beautify the house.

Functional back area

When viewed from the back, the design of this house also has interesting details. It can be seen that the rear area is used as a service area which has a small roof to keep it shady. This service area is also made with a higher elevation design to keep it safe when it rains.

House plan design

For the floor plan, this house has 2 parts on the 1st floor and 2nd floor. On the 1st floor area there are several parts, namely the living room, dining room, kitchen, and also the bathroom. Then the 2nd floor area is filled with 2 bedrooms and there is also a balcony which can be used as a functional area such as a relaxing area or whatever else you want.

Living room and dining area

This house has a small living room in the corner near the entrance if you want to see the interior design. This room is designed with an open concept, with no separation between the living room and dining room. Additional large windows can also help with lighting, making the room appear brighter and less stuffy.

Small kitchen design

Apart from the living room, there is another area in this room, namely the small kitchen. The arrangement of a linear kitchen set makes a minimalist and neat impression. Not only the kitchen, this area also has a section that attracts attention, namely the placement of the television and cabinet under the stairs which makes the room more space saving.

Bedroom design

This master bedroom has a spacious view with a king size bed which will be very comfortable. In addition, this room also has a large window design so that it can give a very wide impression and make the room have an amazing view.




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