Top 6 Succulents For Good Feng Shui - Having limited land in the House will indeed make it difficult for us to put plants. However, of course, there are many ideas that you can do to apply plants in the House. One of them is by adding succulent plants which in addition to being able to decorate the House will also provide hockey for home owners. So what succulents For Good Feng Shui see below.

1. Ariocarpus

British Cactus

Ariocarpus succulent plants have a small size with a prism-like shape with a blunt, pointed to curved tip. This plant has beautiful flowers with a variety of colors such as pink, purple, red to yellow so beautiful to put in the House.

2. Acevera Minima

malia leon

Succulent plants that have the appearance of piling up and increasing upward are beautiful if placed in the House. This plant has an intense green color that makes the house look more charming.

3. Pink Moonstone


Plants with beautiful shapes and also beautiful colors. Plants with this tiny size can grow to a size of 15 cm more so it is suitable to be placed in your home. You can put it near the window by using white pots and combined with rocks of matching colors.

4. Echeveria Agavoides "Ebony"


Plants that have green leaves and also a striking red color are very suitable if placed into the House. In addition, this plant has a small size you can put in the workroom so that it will add hockey from the owner of the House.

5. Jade Plant 


Has a unique shape and also aesthetic then this succulent plant you can put in the House. This plant has a medium size with a thick main stem while the leaves can grow from all sides. This plant also produces flowers with a star shape so it will look beautiful.

6. Haworthia Fasciata


This succulent plant is usually called zebra succulent. This is because this plant has a unique shape on its leaves, namely the presence of strict lines that almost resemble zebra animals. This plant also has yellow flowers so it is very beautiful if placed in the House.

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