7 Best Beautiful Water Garden Ideas


Homlovely.com - The existence of a garden around the house is important because the presence of a water park around the house makes the atmosphere of the house look more beautiful and beautiful. Many homes use the front or side of the house as a water park. You can use it as a place to relax with your family or as a place to relax yourself after many activities. What if you only have a small space ? Well you can see 7 Best Beautiful Water Garden Ideas.

1. Pond Perfect


The perfect water garden with rock cliffs that adorn the fish pond makes it look more beautiful. The water garden located behind the house can be a place to relieve stress. Do not forget you can also use plants that decorate this artificial Cliff area so that it looks more natural and fresh.

Minimalist Water Garden

modern interior

The water garden located next to this house can be a solution for you if you have a room or a place that is still spacious. The water garden next to the house certainly has many benefits such as the atmosphere in the house is getting cooler and also beautiful. In addition, you can spend the afternoon or morning in this water garden area. You can make the path with a neutral color so it looks more charming.

Simple Water Garden


If you have limited land then making a simple water garden can be a solution for you. You can create a garden with a small fish pond. On the side of the garden you can put a seat so that it can be used for a place to relax while looking at the scenery. You also need to add plants in the pool area that will give the impression of cool.

Small Water Garden 


A water garden with a small place can take advantage of the side area of the House. You can choose plants that dangle so that the look around the garden is more beautiful. You can also put several plants placed in pots so that they do not take up much space and are easy to move.

Unique Water Garden


Garden with a unique shape makes your home look beautiful. You can create a pond with a tree root shape complete with lifelike colors. You can also add small colorful fish so that it is more interesting. Do not forget to make a small waterfall so that it makes the look more fresh and beautiful.

Fountain Water Garden 

top inspired

Flowing water with the presence of rocks that decorate makes the look cooler. The existence of this flowing water makes the atmosphere inside and outside the house more beautiful because of the crackling of water. You can use green plants that decorate around the perimeter of this fish pond.

Inclined Flow Water Garden

peggy coulter

Creating a water garden using rocks makes the look more natural. You can use stone chips for the edge of the pond containing this lotus plant. While on the edge you can use white rocks so it looks different and beautiful. Not to forget the existence of frogs as a fountain can add to the beauty of this park.

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