7 Perfect "Vertical Garden" Ideas to Maximize Your Green Space

7 Perfect "Vertical Garden" Ideas to Maximize Your Green Space

Homlovely.com -- Vertical gardens are an excellent choice for small-space living. Utilize the house's walls and the minimal land that available. Get a beautiful garden with these "7 Perfect "Vertical Garden" Ideas to Maximize Your Green Space". Let's check this out!



Make Green Minimalist Balcony Designs

Create a "green balcony" in your home environment to go green in a unique way. Plants can be placed in box-shaped pots and hung in the available spots, as shown in the image. It can also be built with wooden ornaments to give it a more natural feel.



Ideas for Beautiful Green Walls


Have you ever considered creating a living green wall? Try this once in a while for a green and beautiful impression that is very refreshing. This vertical wall planting scheme can instantly give a powerful touch of freshness to your space.

Vegetable Vertical Garden Ideas


Have you ever considered hydroponic vegetable gardening? Hydroponic vertical gardening is becoming increasingly popular. This method allows you to save a lot of space while growing more vegetables.



Flower Racks as Room Dividers


Stacking shelves filled with plants can be used to create a separation between rooms. Aside from providing as a partition, this will create a natural and fresh impression in the home.

As a reference, you can build a high shelf like the one shown above, or you can make it lower to make it easier to care for plants.



Natural Cliff Concept for Minimalist Garden

If you have unused land, try to create a minimalist garden with this concept. As a reference above, try to use various natural elements such as rocks, cement cliff designs, greenery, and additional ponds.



SkyPot Concept with the Hanging Pots


This idea is ideal for your balcony or terrace. To maximize the available space, try hanging vertically arranged pots, as shown in the image above. Don't forget to choose plants that like bright light on the balcony area, and give them good care so they can grow beautifully.



Unique Garden Ideas with Hanging Plants and Vines


Tired of tiny plants? These concept are ideal for filling the volume of a room with greenery scene. Try devil's ivy, Caladium, Syngonium podophyllum, morning glory, and other plants.

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