7 Beautiful Landscaping Ideas For "Long and Narrow" Spaces


7 Beautiful Landscaping Ideas For "Long and Narrow" Spaces


Homlovely.com -- Having a small area does make us have to be extra creative. Due to space constraints, we must sometimes cut some rooms to make them more compact. A garden is something that is easily forgotten. Despite the fact that having a garden can make the house cooler and more beautiful. Even if you only have a small area available, you can still create a beautiful and appealing landscape.


We can make a small garden in the remaining space. With these "7 Beautiful Landscaping Ideas For "Long and Narrow" Spaces", you can create a lovely little garden in a corner of your home. Curious? Let's check this out.

Minimalist Garden with Hanging Pots


Sometimes we need to be more creative in order to maximize a space. Other than putting pots on the ground or making flower beds, try hanging your plant pots to create a snowy garden. This enables you to place more of your plant collection. In the hanging pots, plant small flowers that are easy to maintain.

Making a Tropical Garden on Empty Land Near the House


If you have an abandoned lot near your house, you can transform it into a shady tropical garden. Tropical gardens are typically thought of as lush gardens with bushes and tropical plants like palms and bamboo. You can add a wooden footpath, as shown in the example above, to give a unique impression.

Unique Paving Blocks Along the Garden



A lovely, shady green garden beckons us to relax or simply stroll through it. Therefore, you could try adding a path around the garden. You can use hexagonal paving blocks to build a road that is strong and long-lasting while also being unique and visually appealing. The gray paving block matches the green color of the garden.

Creating a Minimalist Dry Garden in a House Corner



If you have unused land in the corner of your house, transform it into a lovely landscape. You can make this garden completely indoors with a closed roof, or semi-outdoors. This dry garden is typically made up of potted plants, smooth green grass, and small rocks such as gravel or coral. The plants are typically low-maintenance. 

Water Fountain and Vertical Garden Combination



Do you want a garden that is always dry, neat, and simple to maintain? Perhaps this concept is ideal for you. Make a vertical garden on the side of an unused wall. You can use vines or practical artificial plants. Make a water fountain in the landscape area as an additional accent, as shown in the reference image above.

Simple Flower Bed with Light



Making a flower bed is another interesting way to use long and narrow spaces. Flower beds can be made from a variety of materials, such as wood and cement. The landscape in the reference image above features a cement flower bed. The advantage is that it will remain neat. Add garden lights to make your garden more lively and appealing at night.




Green Garden Landscape with Fish Pond


Last but not least, try this following concept. In long and narrow spaces, as shown in the reference image above, you can create a shady green landscape concept with a minimalist fish pond. So that the land can become greener and more alive. This concept can be applied to the front terrace, backyard, or the side of the house. So, the home will have a fresher atmosphere.

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